Checking in with yourself | Self Love

Another blog post that I’m a little anxious about sharing – it’s a different subject to what I usually write about but it’s something that I feel passionate about. Mindfulness and spirituality may not being up everyone’s street, that’s my personal approach to self love but if you do feel that you need to make more time for yourself, or have a better understanding of your direction, then please have an open mind towards meditation – we’re not all tree hugging hippies! :) … More Checking in with yourself | Self Love

Natures Beauty: Lake Como, Italy.

We’ve been home for a week and a half already and I’m still trying to shrug off those holiday blues. Visiting Italy’s, Lake Como was one of the most revitalising trips I’ve ever been on and certainly one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever visited.

My Bucketlist.

Every traveller should have one and I’ve always had one hanging around on my blog that I’ve updated as I’ve travelled – bothΒ adding things and ticking them off. It also gives me some great opportunities for me to keep things fresh on my blog as I can write about each item I tick off! – … More My Bucketlist.

Dodging the Health Risks of South East Asia

This post is written in collaboration with Fast Cover which provides fast and simple travel insurance policies to Australian backpackers of any age. Southeast Asia continues to draw thousands of backpackers, tempting people of all ages with the low cost of living, breathtaking scenery, fantastic food and sites steeped in history. The sight of Halong … More Dodging the Health Risks of South East Asia