Goodbye London, hello surf camp!

As my travel plans slowly come together, it’s been time for me to start sorting out my beginnings in Sydney. Now, for any of you that know me well enough, I’m a pretty indecisive person, so when it came to me looking for somewhere to stay in Sydney for my first few weeks that I planned to stay there for, it started to slow down my planning even more so. I researched a lot of hostels that were close to everything in the city and spoke to a number of friends that have stayed in different places and I just couldn’t quite bring myself to actually go ahead and make a final decision on one.

One decision that I had no trouble making was me doing my Surfing Instructor course at some point during my travels – but this was weighed down with the decision on when to actually do it! My original plan was not to stay in Sydney too long because I didn’t want to get sucked into the city life and push back my “backpacking up the East Coast plans” however, after speaking to a wise old man (Dad!) it became apparent that it makes total sense for me to train up as a surf coach BEFORE I backpack as it’ll be a great way to stay in one place for a decent amount of time and earn some cash as I go. Reading some other surfer blogs I’ve also learnt that although the pay may not be great as a coach in some places, your accommodation and food is usually covered. PERFECT!

So me making a pretty big decision has actually cleaned up the rest of them! – I’ll be staying in Sydney for 3 months at the Mojo Surf  Camp to become a qualified Level 1 Surf Instructor. Obviously, I’ll be blogging as I go so prepare for a overload of surf posts, photos, experiences THE LOT!

Don’t you just love it when plans fall into place!?